BELLING ACÚSTICA has an in situ Testing Laboratory. We make different acoustic tests according to the requirements:
– Environmental Acoustics
Studies of acoustic impact
Noise maps
Monitoring of noise levels in real time
– Commercial Activity Permits
Catering: Bars, Restaurants, Pubs
Teaching and Academies: Dance, Music
Leisure: Gyms, Discos, Concert Halls
Food Activities: Supermarkets, etc.
Noisy Activities: Repair Workshops, Car Washes
– Industry
External acoustic contamination
Protection of workers from noise and Health and Safety in companies and workplaces: Royal Decree 286/2006, Royal Decree 330/2009
– Building
Fulfilment of the Building Regulations regarding noise.
BELLING ACÚSTICA offers the corresponding corrective measures including design, manufacture and installation, and the result is certified by means of a final test.
The BELLING ACÚSTICA Testing Laboratory carries out the following tests:
– Insulation from airborne noise in buildings and in building elements UNE-EN ISO 16283-1:2014

  • – Insulation of facades UNE-EN ISO 140-5
  • – Insulation from impact noise UNE-EN ISO 140-7
  • – Measurement of noise “in situ” – Royal Decree 1367/2007 – Regional Decrees and Municipal Regulations
  • – “In situ” measurement of vibrations – Royal Decree 1367/2007 – ISO 2631-2:2003
  • – “In situ” measurement of vibrations in the human body ISO 2631 and ISO 9041
  • – Measurement of the Reverberation Duration – UNE-EN ISO 3382-1:2010 and UNE-EN ISO 3382-2:2008.
  • – Measurement of intelligibility of words (STI, RASTI, ALCON%)
  • – Measurement of calibration in installations of acoustic limiters