Acoustic Insulation and Conditioning

BELLING ACÚSTICA carries out Acoustic Insulation and Conditioning work in buildings, activities and industry. For this purpose, it uses different building solutions and materials from different Spanish and international suppliers.
The solutions are designed according to the necessary acoustic insulation objective, whether it be to comply with regulations for prevention and acoustic quality or to improve the comfort in the interior of the premises on which the work is done.
The objective of Acoustic Comfort is to adapt the acoustic quality of premises to their use. This makes it possible:
– To reduce the sound levels in a noisy centre (workshop, refectory) to make them bearable.
– To improve the quality of the sound in a centre (cinema, classroom, conference hall…) so as to make it comfortable.
The acoustic correction is achieved through the proper choice of materials bearing in mind their co-efficient of absorption, the volume of the premises and the ideal reverberation time.

Isolation et Confort Acoustique dans le Bâtiment, Activités, Industrie,…