Acoustic Camera

BELLING ACÚSTICA employs visual location of sources of noise using acoustic camera. This equipment has a range of up to 200 metres. This measuring equipment allows us to evaluate the individual contribution of each source of noise level recorded at a particular point in a setting with multiple sound sources. This enables BELLING ACÚSTICA to … Read more

Projects and acoustic studies

BELLING ACÚSTICA carries out Acoustic Projects and Studies of noise and vibrations for environmental authorizations, activity licenses, etc. Acoustic Studies evaluate and analyze all noise emitting sources as well as receivers potentially sensitive to said noise. BELLING ACÚSTICA also proposes the corrective measures to certify compliance with the activity from the acoustic point of view. … Read more

Noise Maps

BELLING ACÚSTICA carries out noise maps for urban centres, important roads, port facilities and airports, as well as sensitive areas and those with acoustic zoning according to the current regulations. The noise map is a graphic representation of the spatial distribution of noise levels in a certain environment. This information corresponds to the precise instant … Read more