In industry, it is vital to control sound emissions, especially:

– Levels of emission to the external environment
– The levels of noise in the workplace

For controlling noise, you can act on:

– The workplace
– The noise source
– The route of transmission.

But in order to be able to carry out a correct action and to be able to design the optimum solution, it is indispensable to make a correct analysis of the noise source. For this purpose, BELLING ACÚSTICA makes the following tools available to you:

  1. System of visual location of noise source using an acoustic camera.
  2. System of visual location of noise sources by means of pressure sensors. Measurement of the near field.
  3. Acoustic monitoring in real time outside or inside industrial plants.
  4. Noise and vibration measuring equipment for carrying out Acoustic Tests.
  5. Predictive Simulation by means of a software tool
  6. Noise maps.
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