Modular Acoustic Rooms

Radio and television broadcasting have undergone a great transformation over the last few years due essentially to the transition from analogue to digital technology.

In parallel, progress has continued with new formats for radio, with a growing need to carry out transmission operations in dynamic and flexible spaces. In this context, models of acoustic space arise with multi-purpose areas suitable for traditional radio broadcasting as well as on the internet and internet television, where the locations and newsrooms can enjoy “acoustic comfort”, aimed at flexibility and the wellbeing of workers

Proposals for modular acoustic zones devoted to radio and television broadcasting are highly varied depending on their permanence, collapsibility and professionalism.

Apart from the high acoustic insulation and the optimum reverberation times of each of the options, they are combined with highly exclusive and personalised finishes, paying great attention to lighting and control software. Everything necessary for the activity forms part of these modular projects:

  • The ventilation system (renewal and air conditioning)
  • Washable absorbent surfaces.
  • Hypo-allergenic materials.
  • Large glass surfaces
  • Acoustic doors (glass or opaque)
  • Classification A for fire protection
  • Projects and certifications.

The making of a modular project, which, once installed, can be modified, dismantled and reinstalled in another position without requiring any kind of modification to its excellent performance.

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