Acoustic Screens

Acoustic enclosures are designed to adapt to any need as they are modular solutions for rapid installation. The walls have acoustic doors for access, acoustic viewing points if necessary, frames and modular acoustic panels. We make these screens using metallic absorbent panels. The panels are made of smooth sheet steel on the outside, high-density rock … Read more

Acoustic Silencers

The silencer is located in front of the noise source or is fitted into a duct through which air or a gas circulates. It is a matter of achieving the attenuation of the sound emission from the machine or through the duct towards the outside. There are two types of design: dissipative and reactive. Different … Read more

Acoustic Enclosures

We calculate, design, manufacture, supply and install enclosures, screens and acoustic silencers for noise sources: Machinery for Air Conditioning and Cooling, Generators, Pumps, Industrial Installations, Fans, Hoppers, Plenums, etc… Currently, practically all machines and installations generate noise. With the aim of complying with current regulations, they must be treated acoustically so as to reduce the … Read more

Anti-Vibratory System

In accordance with the measurements and the analyses of the machinery, the treatment for the vibrations is designed: inertia bases, elastic suspension and mechanical anti-vibration systems, acoustic flooring, etc. In order to determine the most suitable anti-vibration solution, aspects such as the distribution of mass and energy in the machinery, frequency of operation, corrosiveness of … Read more


BELLING ACÚSTICA designs and carries out specific training actions in the field of acoustic engineering, legislation and specific operation of equipment. We design and prepare training actions on the spot for public and private companies, professional colleges and associations. The training is always adapted to the requirements and needs of the customer. Given that the … Read more

Acoustic Insulation and Conditioning

BELLING ACÚSTICA carries out Acoustic Insulation and Conditioning work in buildings, activities and industry. For this purpose, it uses different building solutions and materials from different Spanish and international suppliers. The solutions are designed according to the necessary acoustic insulation objective, whether it be to comply with regulations for prevention and acoustic quality or to improve the comfort … Read more

Adaption of Activities

It is very usual that activities cause a nuisance to neighbours even if the premises are insulated and conditioned. Generally, this is due to the fact that the solutions applied are standard, without taking into account the precise acoustic characteristics of each location and activity. What is more, on some occasions, there is no specialist … Read more


In industry, it is vital to control sound emissions, especially: – Levels of emission to the external environment – The levels of noise in the workplace For controlling noise, you can act on: – The workplace – The noise source – The route of transmission. But in order to be able to carry out a … Read more

Modular Acoustic Rooms

Radio and television broadcasting have undergone a great transformation over the last few years due essentially to the transition from analogue to digital technology. In parallel, progress has continued with new formats for radio, with a growing need to carry out transmission operations in dynamic and flexible spaces. In this context, models of acoustic space … Read more